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Republic Centrifugal Blowers

Republic Centrifugal Blowers Excel Above the Competition.Buy Now

Republic Blowers Systems feature a powerful line of centrifugal blowers with a field-proven design developed to provide a highly effective stream of air for your air or gas handling requirements. These systems were specifically engineered to combine a robust blower design that is both efficient and, at the same time, easy to maintain.

INNOVATION Tension Pulley Assembly

Republic Centrifugal BlowerOur bushing is made thick and is several time stronger than the alternative. Its thickness reduces vibration and thus increases its durability. The bushing is corrosion resistant, has a heat tolerance of up to 340°F, and absorbs little moisture, making it compatible with wet environments.  

Ceramic-Hybrid Ball Bearings

The permanently grease-packed ceramic-hybrid ball bearings require no maintenance, while the bearing assembly itself is easy to access, eliminating the need to return the blower head for a core reimbursement.

Other Quality Materials

The Republic Centrifugal System is made from the highest quality materials, starting with the precision-ground steel shaft and continuing through the cast 356-T6 aluminum blower housing. The motor pulley is made from zinc plated steel and the blower pulley is built with wear-resistant stainless steel. The PTFE multi-lip seal provides a more effective seal area to the bearing housing.

The mounting plate contains a belt tensioner arm that self adjusts to maintain the proper belt tension and wraps around the blower pulley.

Additonal Information and Resources

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The underlined word INNOVATION will notate a Republic product or part that has recently been improved for the benefit of our customers. Many of our innovations improve performance and durability. Click on INNOVATION to read more about the improvement of that product. You will find this mark throughout our website.